The construction industry is currently facing a significant challenge known as the skills shortage. This is what we are doing to try and combat this issue.

Training and Education:

One of the key strategies to address the skills shortage in construction is to focus on training and education. Efforts are being made to improve vocational training programs and promote apprenticeships at local colleges. Linsco is proud to be part of the Nottingham College Industry Advisory board. We’ve been working on the board for some time with various construction professionals/ contractors. The board has the opportunity to advise on modern construction methods and give an insight into the forever changing industry. Colleges also learn what employers are looking for!

Another approach to combat the skills shortage is to promote diversity and inclusion within the construction industry. By encouraging women, minorities, and underrepresented groups to enter the field, we can tap into a larger pool of potential workers. Initiatives are being implemented to remove barriers and provide equal opportunities for all individuals interested in pursuing a career in construction. Take a look at our statistics to show what percentage of our workforce are women. Here at our Linsco head office over 50% of our work force are Women and 5% of those are working in senior management positions.

Retaining and upskilling the existing workforce is essential to combat the skills shortage.  

We are working in partnership with various training providers and charities to upskill our current workforce and help ex-offenders reintegrate into the workforce.

  • Beating Time

  • RMF Training

  • National Infrastructure Solutions

  • Nottingham Skills Academy

  • Cidori

  • Serco

Creating awareness about the opportunities and benefits of a career in construction is vital to attract new talent. Linsco regularly attended careers fairs across the country. Some of these careers fairs are to reach out to school leavers or those that are looking for a career move. By highlighting the rewarding aspects of a construction career, we can inspire individuals to consider joining the industry.

The skills shortage in construction is a significant challenge that requires proactive and collaborative efforts. By focusing on training and education, collaborating with educational institutions, promoting diversity and inclusion, retaining and upskilling the existing workforce, and promoting industry awareness, we can combat the skills shortage and ensure a sustainable workforce in the construction sector.