Our business is wholeheartedly ran on the ability to communicate with our customers and clients throughout the recruitment process. As a potential candidate that we may place into a new role, you are regarded to be as valuable to us as any other.
Temporary and permanent vacancies

If you are actively seeking employment either on a temporary, contract or permanent basis we would like to talk to you. Having a wide range of vacancies available, we adopt a pro-active approach to finding you the right position to satisfy your needs.

We recruit on behalf of businesses throughout the whole of the UK within our core sectors.

We understand the importance of finding you the right job within the right organisation. Job matching is a skill we are proud of. Understanding that both clients and candidates have a variety of needs, we always take into account the difference between people, cultures and beliefs.

We take the hard work out of you finding work by listening to your needs, understanding your skill-set and then actively matching you to a suitable client. Call of our consultants in our regional offices to help with your next role or assignment.

Skill cards in Construction

If you work in construction you MUST have a CSCS card.

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) it is to enable construction workers and managers proof that they are competent to do their job and have adequate health and safety awareness.

In fact, many sites and job contracts will not permit workers to operate without the correct CSCS Card.

All Linsco candidates work in the construction environment and are required to have a valid card before work can be offered to you.

If you don't have one, you will need one. The CSCS website is where you can apply to get yours.

Payment types

With an in-house payroll department, all methods of pay are fully compliant with HMRC requirements.

Correct and on-time payments to our workers are our number 1 priority.