Ruby Rands
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Ruby Rands

Associate ConsultantSpecialising in Construction
What is your role? And what does it entail?
Here at Linsco I am a recruitment consultant supplying blue-collar trades and labour requirements within the Yorkshire region. My week typically looks like 4 days in the office making lots of sales calls, checking in with people I have in work at the moment and speaking to new candidates that are looking for work. Once a week I will be out on site somewhere across my region for the day – seeing my favourite people! An integral part of my job is building relationships both with my clients and candidates to keep good communication between all parties.
How have you found your first few months at Linsco?
I have loved it, everyone has been so welcoming and really helpful whilst finding my feet. The office environment is very fast paced which I enjoy as it keeps my mind busy and I am never left without anything to do, having such a great support system round me within my team helps at times that seem hectic as everyone will take part in helping you as well as having their own tasks.
What have you enjoyed most?
I have really enjoyed the constant communication side of the role – the word relationship is used a lot but it really is a relationship and sort of friendship that you build with the clients after speaking multiple times a week often and seeing them on site. Getting to see the people you have on site and the relationships between a happy candidate and client who is pleased with the work that is being done is so rewarding.
Lastly what are your ambitions here at Linsco?
I would like to have people placed on multiple sites with my biggest clients, perhaps have one company that I look after as a whole where I know everyone there very well and to have some of my current clients stay with me to build a longstanding relationship.

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