Fred Parker
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Fred Parker

Associate Consultant Specialising in Construction
What is your role and what does it entail?
My role revolves around bridging the gap between skilled workers and construction projects. I'm constantly on the lookout for talented individuals with the right skills and experience to excel in the construction industry, whether that’s through upskilling schemes Linsco provides or through experience and previous career progression. Once I've identified potential candidates, I go into screening processes to ensure they're a perfect fit for the job. From initial interviews to reference checks to compliance checks, it’s important the candidate is the correct fit.
How have you found your first few months at Linsco?
The last 3 months have been fast-paced and a huge learning experience; however, having such great team cohesion has allowed me to excel and understand complex jargon throughout the industry.
What have you enjoyed the most?
Jumping into such a volatile career where I meet new people both on and off-site daily, and work socials are two favourite parts of my job.
What are your ambitions here at Linsco?
My ambitions at Linsco are to continue growing my desk to the point where I have to get an assistant.

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