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Team Building September 2022

​​This month our Team Building activity was again held at Escape Logic, the team took part in 'Robin of Locksey' - Find the Arrow, Save the Sheriff!

Loren, Jack, Lauren, Robyn & Joseph were successful with their search, and found the arrow with 12 minutes spare!

Here is what they had to say about the experience...

Loren - "Was great fun, lots to get stuck into and figure out. Great bunch – we all worked well as a team and found the golden arrow with 12 mins to spare."

Jack – Was an enjoyable experience that promoted teamwork, it made it all worth it ‘escaping’ with time to spare. I would definitely recommend this in the future to anyone looking for a team building exercises!”

Lauren – “It was a great team building experience, such good fun and a great team to work with and even better when you manage to win! 😊

Robyn - "I really enjoyed doing the escape room, it was nice to do something a bit different. I didn’t think we’d manage to get out because we found the first room tricky, but we were able to and had time to spare!"

Joseph - "Stressful but fun experience overall, would do it again!"

Loren, Jack, Lauren & Joseph