Media and Supply Chain

All media and supplier enquiries

Media and Public Relations enquiries

For all media enquiries about Linsco Ltd and its operations, please contact

Natalie Evans,
Managing Director

0115 910 6666

Supply chain enquiries

As part of our quality standards checks, we have preferred supply chain directory in place.

Please note that all approved suppliers are reviewed annually and are subject to change based on performance and value for money.

Should you wish to be considered for any of the services below with Linsco, please email with your full company details and services provided.

Purchase Legder

Services we utilise include

  • Payroll services and Intermediaries
  • Computer Software & Training
  • Telephone & Mobile contract
  • Broadband provision
  • Promotional Material
  • Business insurance & Health Care
  • Stationary, printing, brochures
  • Finance and Accountancy
  • Hardware and Printers
  • Leasing vehicles & Fuel cards
  • Health & Safety & Environmental advice
  • BACS software
  • Legal services