Recruiter to Recruiter

Information for Recruitment to Recruitment Agencies

R2R – Information for Recruitment to Recruitment Agencies

It has been our policy in the past not to use external agencies to recruit for our internal staff, as it doesn’t give a good impression when we profess to be able to recruit for others, and not for ourselves.

We obviously prefer to recruit directly at all levels within our business. We are however, always open to potential talent approaching us if they prefer to utilise the Rec–to–Rec route themselves, and for that reason we have a few policy points that we feel will cover the spurious attempts to attract away or mailshot us with reams of sales patter.

If you’d like to work with us you will need to, in the first instance, introduce yourselves to our Directors Natalie Evans and Rob McCafferty, following our simple procedure

  • Any terms must be sent, and agreed before sending any candidates to us.
  • Only Directors can agree terms.
  • Once terms are agreed
    • We must make sure you can actually represent that candidate and will require proof of such.
    • We need to know why they are interested in our Business.
    • We will have agreed structured career paths with you to follow to present to them prior to submission.
    • We will provide you with an update of what we require to save you time in presenting candidates for interview.
    • We do not accept candidates for non-sales roles.
    • Any other approaches, not on our agreed terms, will be destroyed.

Please understand our request

  • We will not accept unsolicited approaches to our own staff, either via social media channels or directly into the office.
  • There is no genuine reason to connect with sales staff in our business, unless you are connecting to a Director or Manager.
  • Just because we are not utilising your services, does not give you open access to approach our staff for roles outside of our organisation.
  • It’s not contractual, more an understanding on your behalf.

Linkedin as a business tool

Be aware that all incoming Linkedin message traffic inbound is received via a filter that alerts the Directors of any unsolicited approaches to our staff. We are all in the recruiting Business, however persistent offenders on Linkedin and reported to Linkedin as abusing the system.

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