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If you are actively seeking employment either on a Temporary or Permanent basis we would like to talk to you. Speak with us to discuss your situation confidentially by calling one of our regional offices.

Having a wide range of vacancies available, we adopt a pro-active approach to finding you the right position to satisfy your needs.

We understand the importance of finding you the right job within the right organisation. Job matching is a skill we are proud of.

Understanding that both clients and candidates have a variety of needs, we always take into account the difference between people, cultures and beliefs.

We recruit on behalf of businesses throughout the whole of the UK within many construction based sectors.

We take the hard work out of you finding work by listening to your needs, understanding your skill-set and then actively matching you to a suitable client.

Becky looked after me during my job seeking period. She listened to my needs and goals, identified my strengths and worked towards my goals. Becky would fully advise me of potential employees she felt would benefit me as an individual. She made me feel like I was a priority an not just another applicants. I was kept fully informed before and after any interviews. Then finalising paperwork was simple and not an issue.

Dawn, Candidate

Auto Enrolment Pensions

Linsco Ltd have a duty to provide a pension scheme to its PAYE temporary workers under the Government Auto Enrolment legislation.

Linsco are satisfying the guidelines by providing a scheme that is administered, run and monitored according to the regulations, and that providers details are as follows.

NOW Pensions will run, monitor and correspond with each entitled individual directly on behalf of Linsco Ltd.

Details on any qualifying criteria, amounts deducted and investments can be obtained through NOW Pensions.

Any queries relating to payments, contributions, plans or products cannot be dicsussed with Linsco, but rather with your contact at NOW Pensions.

To contact NOW Pensions, please call them on 0330 100 3334 or direct your enquiry to them on membersupport@nowpensions.com.

Linsco Ltd cannot access individual pension records and ask that any pension related information or enquiry be directed to NOW Pensions.

How much is taken for my contributions?

Under auto enrolment legislation, minimum pension contributions are required to increase over time. This happens on set dates. Originally, auto enrolment minimum contributions were due to rise in October 2017 and again in October 2018.

These increases were pushed back by six months by the government and the increases will now happen on 6 April 2018 to a total of 5% of qualifying earnings of which 2% must be paid by the employer and 3% by the employee.

In April 2019 this changes again to 3%paid by the employer and 5% paid by the employee.