Operation Orphan

Selection Boxes for the Children

Charity update


Operation Orphan are a charity whose vision is to improve the quality of life for orphans and vulnerable children in a holistic, culturally relevant and sustainable way.

The Permanent team were keen to find a charity local to Nottingham where we can get involved and ideally get hands on.

After contacting Operation Orphan they infomred us about their "Forget me-Notts" project, whereby we collect Cadburys Selection Boxes to be distributed to children who will be in care over Christmas or have very little financially at Christmas.

This project was the one for us and everyone was keen to get involved, over the time of 4 weeks we managed to collect 558 selection boxes with still a few more to collect.

This is an outstanding effort from all involved who either donated money or bought a selection box.

We were overwhelmed how other companies in the building got involved and kindly donated after seeing our posters.