Strong growth for the period April - September

We have continued our exceptional path of increased sales following on from a healthy 2015 in our first six months trading of 2016.

In 2015 we witnessed a noticeable increase in new client base providing a scaleable business model that we are capitalising on this year.

Our established temporary recruitment services have seen a 28% increase in both turnover and revenue, coupled with new agreements and acceptance onto vendor portals means we will continue this rate to the end of the year.

Our turnover in the first six months has reached £14.4 million, and our target of £30 million seems very achievable considering our permanent division is building on all aspects of the housing and property sectors beyond our expectations.

Business saw no immediate change after June 23rd, and we can only prepare for and anticipate any outcome of leaving the EU in line with our clients recruitment programmes.

We remain very healthy with cashflow, with little or no bad debts, and consider the next few years bouyant but strong.

We thank all our clients, candidates & colleagues for your committment, hard work, and determination to represent Linsco and its reputation.


April - September




£ 11.6m

£14.4m    + 24%

Hours paid



Timesheets processed