Understanding our client project close up


The team visited the new build Keepmoat Homes Site, ‘The Newton’ in Upton on Thursday 20th October 2016.


This site is a joint venture with Keepmoat Regeneration where they are delivering over 100 apartments with a mixture of extra care and social housing.


The housing development is part of a 10 year regeneration project of the area; the site is already 5 years into development and is home to a new school and several other housing developments. This project is financially back by Prince Charles so is incredibly demanding in terms of specifications to meet.


We met the Contracts Manager Granville who introduced us to the current site manager, both explained that this site is delivering over 1000 units and with such a fast paced large volume site they have demands for site managers through the environment it promotes.



This highlighted the fact to us that we need to be finding out much more detail from site managers about developments and the different pressures of the roles. A site manager has a huge responsibility and they are only as good as their last site and support structure around them.


We were given a full tour of the site including inside a variety of plots and groundworks. We were shown the whole build process and how a build program works to time and budget. This particular site is prone to flooding so we learned how flood defences are put in place by design engineers at the onset of the build.


To conclude our tour we were shown into the sales office and met the advisor and manager who was known previously from placing candidates with her.


Overall the site visit was a great opportunity to gain exposure to the daily duties of site and sales staff and as a team a good opportunity to work together outside of the office environment.


May we take this opportunity to thank Keepmoat and their staff for their support and knowledge shared throughout the day.