CSCS Update

CRO Construction Related Occupation Cards finishing 31st March 2017

Construction Related Occupation cards expire on 31st March 2017

Cardholders must take further steps to replace their CRO cards before they expire, read on to find out what happens if:

You already have an approved qualification

CRO card holders with approved qualifications will be able to apply for a skilled worker card without having to complete any further qualifications.

Your occupation is moved to another card scheme

Industry has confirmed that over 70 occupations are better represented by one of CSCS’s Partner Card Schemes. You need to contact the appropriate scheme to discuss their application requirements.

Your occupation is removed from the scheme

Industry has confirmed over 60 occupations are non-construction related and should be removed from the scheme.  CSCS will not be issuing cards for these occupations. This means workers will be arriving on site without a card.

Your qualification requires enhancement

Industry has confirmed a number of CRO occupations have existing qualifications that do not meet the nationally recognised standards for those skilled occupations.  Industry is working together to bring these qualifications up to the agreed nationally recognised standards.

CSCS needs more information about your occupation

Industry has identified 25 CRO occupations that require further investigation before deciding what to do next. We are asking for individuals or sector representatives involved in these occupations to get in touch with the CSCS team.

Your occupation is moved to Labourer

Industry has agreed a number of CRO occupations are labouring and should be moved to the green Labourer Card. CRO card holders working in these occupations must complete an approved qualification and apply for the green Labourer Card.

Information source : Construction Enquirer