April 2017 new Levy

Apprenticeship Levy in place April 2017

The new Apprenticeship 0.5% levy placed on our payroll will affect our charges to you.

As a valued Client to Linsco please be aware that from April 2017, we are obliged to add a 0.5% levy to our charge rates, that the Government has bought in, which will affect our payroll as the PAYE amount is above £ 3 million per year.

You must be aware that this will affect your charges and you will be  contacted shortly by your consultants to dicsuss how the charge will affect you.

In brief it will add 0.5% cost to all our PAYE paid temps, so the costs  will need to be added to your hourly charge.

Please talk to your Account Consultant or Manager if you need clarification on this matter.

Whilst we make every effort to control costs on your behalf, we are unable to absorb this additional cost and will therefore pass this on to you.