Today we visited the Nottingham Trent University campus where they are currently building the Istec Building on their Clifton Campus which will be a Science facility for teaching and research purposes. We went into the cabins where Luke Lee (Trainee Site manager) greeted us. Andy Hopewell shortly came to the cabin to show us around the project.

Andy is the project manager and is directly employed by NTU. His background is main contractor but has been with NTU for a while now. His role as PM sees him get involved with all the processes. As the project is run directly through NTU it was great to hear an insight into how the client operates as opposed to a contractor. 

Throughout the tour of the building which is currently in the M&E Fix stage, it was clear to see how complex and detailed the project is. The facility will be used for teaching and research and will house extremely expensive and advanced technology that the M&E Package of the building is worth £3million itself. This is massive compared to other projects. 

Linsco Staff listening to the NTU Site Manager

Andy explained all the packages that get subcontracted out. The Design process, the M&E package, the structural package and the ground works package. The value of the project was worth in excess of £12million and is due to finish in the summer but will be used for teaching in January 2018.

James Koper’s Views

“Really good visit today.  Meet with Andy Hopewell, Project manager at NTU. It was a very good insight to a completely different project compared to the Student Accommodation on Talbot Street. They were constructing a Science and Technology facility; he explained all phases of the project from tender stage to completion. Andy is employed by NTU and then everything they do from foundations to design to M&E etc. are all sub contracted out, Andy oversees the entire process".



View from the top of the building

Jessica Dobie’s Views

“Went on an interesting tour round Nottingham Trent University's new Istec Building today, was really interesting to see another type of site. It was a completely different style and got to see a very big building site, it was very spacious and open meaning we could see a lot more and hearing about the plans inside was very interesting. He did invite us to go back and see what it’s like in a later stage which I would really like to do. As always found it insightful to see what being on site actually means and getting to see people doing their roles so that when screening or even taking job specs I have a better understanding of what’s being spoken about. It was also really interesting to see how NTU work and how he explained there processes in subcontracting out work and how they work it.”


Andy was kind to invite us back to the site in the summer to see how the project has progressed and how it looks compared to what we saw today. 


Overall it was a very informative vist and a perfect opportunity for us to gain a stronger understanding of our client.